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Khajuraho Sculpture, IndiaKhajuraho is the site of the largest group of medieval Hindu Khajuraho statues and Jain temples. Extensive erotic artwork is a hallmark of the temple architecture, inspired by the Kamasutra. Once a capital of the Chandela Rajputs, it has emerged as India's most visited tourist destinations. Khajuraho can be described as a beautiful blend of history, art and sculpture.

Khajuraho is a village in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, located in Chattarpur district. The name Khajuraho comes from the Hindi word khajur meaning 'date palm'. The Khajuraho temples were built over a span of a hundred years. Strangely, the temples of Khajuraho never underwent massive destruction. They are fine examples of Indian architectural styles.

When to go
Khajuraho experiences an extreme climate. While summers are extremely hot, winters are pleasant and a better time to visit this place. Visit Khajuraho anytime between September-March. The Dance Festival organized in March is something you should not miss.

How to go
Khajuraho airport is well connected to Delhi, Varanasi and Mumbai. Rail links connect the city with the rest of the country. The Delhi-Jhansi Dakshin express is the best bet. Khajuraho is only five hours from Jhansi by road. Buses ply regularly on Satna and Jhansi routes.

What to eat
Khajuraho is doing well as a tourist destination, with a variety of restaurants catering to the culinary needs of tourists from across the world. Try Italian food, South Indian, Punjabi, Jain thalis while you are in Khajuraho.

Festivities to indulge

Khajuraho Dance Festival is one amongst those festivals whose commencement is eagerly waited for by dance lovers. The celebrations continue for a week. The festival is supposed to take place from 25th February to 2nd March every year from 2002 to 2009. It highlights the richness of the Indian classical dance. This festival sees performance by some of the best classical dancers in India every year, who perform against the spectacular backdrop of the magnificently lit temples.

Temples to see
Khajuraho houses several beautiful temples that are worth a visit once. While a few of these temples are dedicated to the Jain tirthankaras, the rest have been built in the name of the Hindu trinity (Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva) and variousĀ  manifestations of the Devi. Some of the most famous temples in Khajuraho are namely Parswanath Temple, Ghantai Temple, Adinath Temple, Brahma Temple, Dulah Deo Temple, Chattarbhuj Temple, Lakshamana Temple, Chitragupta Temple, Kandariya Mahadeo, Chaunsat Yogini and Matangeswara Temple. A visit to the Western group of temples is neatly rounded off with the Light and Sound show held every evening.

What to shop
Take back with you exquisite handicrafts, if you wish to remember your trip to Khajuraho. Iron, brass and stone sculptures that come in Kama Sutra poses are a Khajuraho speciality, and are available at the handicraft stores in the town. Pick up some curios as a souvenir. The best bet for picking items in brass and silver is offered by the Crafts Emporium, Jain Temple Road and the Tuesday bazaar at Rajinagar.

Khajuraho, the temple town, is quite different from all the other temple sites in India. The place is a must-visit for tourists coming to India.

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