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India Travel Themes


RaftingIndia’s geographical diversity makes it one of the world’s ultimate destination for adventure enthusiasts – blessed with numerous valleys, snow clad peaks, rolling meadows, magical moonscapes and gushing waterfalls – India has them all.

A wide variety of adventure sports on offer include Himalayan rock climbing, Hot air ballooning across the Thar Desert and white-water rafting through the churning waters of Uttaranchal draw tourists from across the world to northern India.

Here are some details of some of the sports and pastimes you can enjoy in India:

A wide range of treks can be undertaken in India – all abilities can be catered to from an afternoon amble in Himachal Pradesh to a two week long sojourn across the Himalayan plains of Ladakh

India’s snow clad slopes are a challenge to the most experienced skier – Gulmarg in Kashmir boasts the highest cable car in the world and slopes where one can indulge in all manner of twists and turns on runs from all colours of the difficulty rainbow.  Heli-skiing has recently been introduced in some areas of Himachal Pradesh combining two adrenalin rushes in one sport – riding in a helicopter and descending slopes of virgin white powder.

Mountaineering is an old established sport in India – many climbers from across the world journey here to pit their skills against the slopes of the Himalayan ranges. The raw challenge of man against mountain remains the same even though technologies have seen climbers step out of plus four tweeds and hob nailed boots into nylon jackets and lightweight Vibram-soled shoes.

Rafting in the glacial melt waters cascading through narrow Himalayan valleys and dropping furiously over vertical layers of rapids will delight both the learner and experienced rafter alike.

Camel Safari
Fondly known as the "Ship of the Desert", camels have been a major source of transportation for centuries in Rajasthan, India. These noble beasts are a popular mode of transport for tourists keen to discover the allure of the shifting sands of India’s western desert on a camel safari.

Come to India and indulge in your adventure whether on the snowy peaks or the sandy shores all manner of adventurous temptations await.

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