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House Boat Cruises

HouseboatKerala is known for spectacular houseboat cruise over serene backwaters. Houseboat cruise has been a major attraction for tourists visiting Kerala from across the globe. A houseboat is locally called 'Ketuvallam' meaning a 'package boat'. These boats are huge in size, extending upto a length of 70 feet. The scenic beauty of Kerala, ideally observed on a houseboat cruise, is simply amazing. 

Houseboat cruise has become a choice for every tourist visiting Kerala. These leisurely cruise in traditional boats are exciting, pleasing as well as relaxing. Initially used as a mode of transport, the houseboats provide facilities for sleeping as well as cooking. But today, the use of these boats is not merely restricted to serve as a mode of transportation. Houseboats are now used as means to boost the tourism industry of Kerala.

Making of a Houseboat
A whole group of artisans in Alleppey indulges in the making of the houseboats. Houseboats are huge in size. The making of these includes joining together pieces of the wooden planks of jack wood with ropes. The most amazing fact is that even a single nail is not used during the construction of these boats. Boats are then coated from the outside with the use of black raisins obtained by boiling of the cashew nut shells. The roof covering is made out of palm leaves and bamboo poles. The joint areas of the wood are coated with oil. Finally, the houseboat is set on water.

Facilities offered by a Houseboat
A houseboat is equipped with all those luxuries and comforts that a modern-day traveler demands. An open lounge, a balcony, a bedroom and a kitchen. Some houseboats are air-conditioned and adored with exquisite wood carvings. In order to lit up the houseboat during the night, lanterns are used. A houseboat looks simply stunning during the night.

Spectacular views from a Houseboat

A houseboat cruise offers panoramic views of picturesque backwaters in Kerala. Additionally, it also allows you to unveil the rural culture and unique wildlife existing in Kerala. The houseboat cruises from Kumarakom to Alleppey or vice-versa. The cruise extends upto 24 hours. The extra-ordinary experience of a houseboat cruise in the scenic backwater destinations of Kerala will remain etched in your memory for a long time to come.

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