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Popular Tourist Activities

Wildlife Safari

Wildlife SafariIndia is a haven to the most unique wildlife. It is truly a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. While in India, explore the wilderness hidden in the narrow tracks within the forests and hilly terrains through a wildlife safari. India is blest with varied wild species which can be best observed through a ride on the back of a camel. If you are on your way to enjoy the grasslands, opt for an elephant ride. 

In addition to camel safaris, horse safari is another recent and exciting option. Horse safaris are ideal for hilly terrains and forested areas. If you wish explore deep into the interiors of the forests, go for jeep safaris. Then, there is the lion safari too. This safari aims at sighting a lion in its natural habitat. Lions are observed while you are in a jeep or riding on the back of an elephant.

Jeep Safari
Those who crave exploring the forested lands should definitely indulge in Jeep Safaris. These take you through the lush green thickly wooded forests. Discover sights and surprises that will fascinate even the most seasoned traveller. If you venture inside a national park, you may get lucky enough to come face to face with a ferocious animal.

Camel Safari
Fondly known as the “Ship of the Desert”, camels have been a major source of transportation in Rajasthan for centuries now. You will find several ideal opportunities for a camel safari around the desolate sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Discover the true essence of the desert while you enjoy the ride. Traditionally adorned camels led by brilliantly dressed butlers invite adventure enthusiasts from across the globe for a memorable ride. You are sure to be filled with wonder as you gaze at the animals in their natural habitat.

Elephant Safari
Opt for elephant safaris to explore tough terrains where jeeps cannot venture. Since an elephant is a slow and steady animal, an elephant safari proves to be an ideal choice to explore the interior of a wildlife sanctuary. An elephant safari will enable you to see closely the wildlife existing in the park. Click photographs of the wilds in India and return home with the memories of an amazing journey.

Horse Safari
Horse safaris are conducted in areas which are cut from the rest of the world. For exploring areas like forested countryside and hilly areas, horse safaris are ideal. Such places that are neither reachable by a car nor by a plane are best explored through horse safaris.

Wildlife safaris in India are the best way to explore the off-beat tracks serving as natural habitats for a variety of animal species. Both natural and wild facets of India await to be discovered.

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