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India Tourist Attractions

Mysore Palace

Maysore PalaceMysore Palace located in the heart of the Mysore city, is the most splendid of all the other palaces in Mysore. Main Palace or Amba Vilas Palace as it is fondly known, serves as a residence to the royal family of Mysore. Not only this, the ceremonial meetings of the royal court were also held in the complex of the palace. The Mysore Palace today is the major tourist attraction of the cultural capital of South India – Mysore.  

Architecture of the Palace
The Mysore Palace is an excellent blend of the Hindu, Rajput, Muslim and Gothic architectural styles, the palace dazzles with its marble domes and arches. It is a treasure trove of fine carvings and impressive artwork from all pockets of the world. The three-storied structure in gray granite with domes in pink marble fascinates even the most seasoned traveller. The palace is a three-storied structure erected by Henry Irwin. The tastefully decorated and elegantly carved doors of the palace open into beautifully maintained rooms.

Inside the Palace
The walls of the magnificent palace are equally alluring. The pictures of Dussera processions adorn the walls. These wall paintings seem to be real so much so that the procession actually seem to proceed towards you. Originally built in all wood, the palace was reduced to ashes in the year 1897 and was re-erected in 1912 by Henry Irwin.

The complex of the palace houses Diwan-e-Khas a hall that the emperor used for private audiences. Then, there is Diwan-e-Aam. The complex also has 12 temples as old as fourteenth to twentieth centuries. The Mysore Palace has now been transformed into a museum which houses paintings, costumes, jewellery, souvenirs that belonged to the Wodeyars (the ruling dynasty of Mysore) once. The largest collection of items in gold that the museum houses will leave you delighted.

Mysore Place is a priceless national treasure that reminds us of the royalty of the bygone era. Wandering in and around the Mysore Palace will transport you back in time. The gilded palace seems to be extremely enchanting when illuminated. Its image against the dark sky is truly mesmerizing.

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