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Rajasthan CultureNestled amidst the Aravali mountains, the colourful state of Rajasthan is a place where stories of Rajput warriors, their chivalry and bravery are perfectly woven into folklore. Welcome to the Land of Kings, which is as varied geographically as it is culturally. Mornings here are bright while evenings are garnished with layers of fun and gaiety. While you are on a tour to Rajasthan, take a walk around the shifting sand dunes. Discover a fantasy that has been forgotten for years now.

Rajasthan is richly gifted with natural beauty, history, magnificent architectural heritage, vibrant culture and multifaceted landscape. Art and culture in Rajasthan has gained abundantly due to the erstwhile princely rulers who had a taste for the finer things of life and patronized the arts.

Opulent palaces with hundreds of beautifully furnished rooms, with furniture and fittings among the best in the world, Forts that have innovative security systems unmatched till date, jewelry in multitudes of styles with the finest of stones and designs, fine dining with a delectable array of dishes, textiles to dress up the most discerning - all this and still much more on your trip to the exotic Rajasthan. Nowhere does luxury exist like it does in Rajasthan. Every corner of the desert speaks the language of luxury. 

Whether you seek indulgence in the form of sightseeing, staying at a Heritage Hotel, shopping for beautiful objects and paintings or soothing the body with the best in Spas, Rajasthan offers it all. The Royals even built palaces in the middle of Game Reserves, to rest their tired bodies after a day of hunting.

Rajasthan has abundant wildlife and options for adventure available for the jaded pleasure seekers.

There is so much to see and do in Rajasthan. Experience a unique vacation in a luxury camp amidst the desert sands, sample the fare prepared by the chefs of the royals, purchase the finest jewels, travel in a luxury train and maybe even get married in a royal setting in Rajasthan!

Elegance in Rajasthan is a way of life! The spell-binding desert is ready to amaze you with its unlimited perpetual glory. The desert epitomizes the essence of India. Travel to Rajasthan to see culture so unique, traditions so well-preserved and lifestyles so discreet.

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