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Sikkim Tour

Sikkim CultureSikkim – the land of Love and Lama, has a magical lure that attracts tourists from all pockets of the world. It would not at all be exaggeration when one says that Sikkim is a masterpiece of the Creator. Blessed with a rich culture followed by brilliantly interwoven myths, festivities, customs and legends, Sikkim delights its visitors. Nestled within the Eastern Himalayas, touring Sikkim is like discovering a new world altogether. The landscape of this place of mystery and myths is dominated by Mount Kanchenjunga lending the place an unsurpassable charm.

While you are in Sikkim, enjoy a peep deep into its glorious culture, legendary history, vibrant festivals and age-old traditions. The chief attractions in Sikkim are its ancient stupas and monasteries. Simple monastic lifestyle is followed by people here. Festivities and celebrations add colour to the otherwise simple life of the locals. They participate in the festivals with full vigor and enthusiasm.  

Trekking in Sikkim is the best way to explore the Lama land. You will be enchanted to see a place as peaceful as Sikkim while you trek through its narrow routes. Climb up the mountains to see an entirely new world dominated by the presence of butterflies, red panda and musk deer. Sikkim is a heaven not only for the nature lovers but it enthralls the animal lovers equally. The ideal time to visit Sikkim falls between March till June and then from September till December.

Spend an evening in the rural areas with the visitors with the villagers. Listen to the myths and stories of Mount Kanchenjunga while you have a glass of the local drink 'Chhnag', made of fermented millets. While you are amidst the residents, you will make out that Sikkimese are quite warm and hospitable. Observe the extraordinary culture they follow and the deep religious beliefs they believe in. A close look at the lifestyle of the locals will help you distinguish between a Nepali, a Lepcha and a Bhutia that otherwise interwind in an perfect blend.

While you are in Sikkim, visit the Temi Tree Gardens, the only tea estate in the state. Top quality teas are produced in this tea garden. Capture a scenic glimpse of the villages in vicinity is available from here.

Not to forget the mention of endless shopping options Sikkim offers to its visitors. Lay hands on the exquisite woolen carpets that are made out of pure sheep wool and later coloured in Sikkimese dyes are must buys in Sikkim. Items of Tibetian Art such as religious scrolls and wall hangings are are available at the Government Institute of Cottage Industry in Gangtok. These add a touch of elegance to the interiors of each and every house. And the exotic Sikkim Tea... do take back with you the rich flavour of Sikkim.

Tour the fabled kingdom of the Eastern Himalayas. A dreamy day in this primitive land leads to another. Sikkim is the perfect place to be at for tourists who love peace and tranquility. Come to the 'Queen of Hills' to spend your dream vacations.

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