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South India

South IndiaSunny and tropical, South India enchants each traveller in a different way. Crowning the bottom of the Indian subcontinent, South India serves as the perfect holiday destination for all those who enjoy closeness to nature. Head for South India, like millions of other tourists who come  from far and wide to spend some timeless moments in the lap of mother nature.  

As far as the eye can see, watch emerald-green backwaters rise high, and highly revered pilgrimages cast a spell. Pamper yourself with refreshing Ayurvedic massage using aroma oils that smell amazing. Walk on silvery beaches allowing the breeze to play with your hair. Nowhere else you will find beach comfort as perfect as in South India.

South India witnesses a rich history. A series of dynasties such as the Cheras, Cholas, Hoysalas, Pandyas and Vijayanagar established their rule in this part of India. Several forts, palaces and temples were constructed during the reign of these dynasties. In addition to the rich and unchanged heritage, South India is today a hot spot when it comes to an established IT Industry. Here, traditions perfectly amalgamate with modernity.

South India constitutes several exciting destinations namely Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala,  Mahabali Puram, Cholamandalam, Kanchipuram, Pondicherry and Kumbakonam. Though all the destinations make unique offerings to its travelers, one thing common with them all is the warm hospitality that wins your heart.

The pristine temples in Tamil Nadu attracts a million devotees instilling peace in their hearts. Kerala enthralls with its natural beauty and within the heart of this beauty nestles ayurveda. Architectural marvels in Karnataka are next to nothing and the serene Pondicherry gives you a chance to buy unique handicrafts.

The inclination of the South Indians towards art and architecture is reflected in its temples, forts and palaces. Impressive carvings and sculptures adorning these structures are a testimony to the rich heritage of South India left behind by the rulers of the bygone era. The heritage has been well preserved. The Dravida and the Vesala style of rock architecture are noteworthy. These styles are manifested in several temples here.

Satiate your hunger pangs with mouth-watering South Indian cuisine that includes sambhar dosa, idli, uttapam, fish, coconut, pickles and spicy curries.

South Indians are known for their passion for music and dance. Some popular South Indian dance forms include Bharatnatayam, Kathakali, Oppama, Theyyam, Ottamthullal, Kuchipudi and Mohiniaatam. Music and dance are inseparable from the celebrations of fairs and festivals. Some of the famous festivals of South India are Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Ugadi (the new year festival) in Karnataka, Hampi festival and Boat festival in Kerala, and Tea and Tourism festival in Ooty.

South India is easily accessible through air, rail and road. It promises to reveal a world that is both bold and beautiful. Come October and head here to spend a holiday of merriment and take back with you memories of a lifetime.

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